5 Tips for Buying High-Quality Jeans

Tips for Buying High Quality Jeans

Giorgio Armani once said- Jeans Represent Democracy in Fashion. Well, you sure take a lot of liberty with your shopping, especially your jeans choices. Some days you go ripped, some days Bootcut or may be Baggy today. But you also go through the disappointment of buying the wrong type of jeans. You do have a type right?

We are here to help you save yourself from that Haterade for Buying Jeans You Will Never, Ever Wear. It is not always about owning what’s trending on your Insta feed, but something that is sustainable and suits you perfectly. It is more important to look presentable than uncomfortably fashionable. Your comfort takes priority.

How you adjust to society is already sad, we won’t let you do the same as your pair of jeans.

What Makes a Pair of Jeans “Perfect”?

According to surveys conducted, there were quite a few familiar common factors among men and women such as fit, comfort, durability and quality, price, and flattering look.

Here are 5 Tips for Buying High-Quality Jeans Like a Pro:

A guide to buying the best pair Of jeans, so that you don’t end up crying in the corner.


Gone are those days when you used to show up at a garment shop absolutely clueless about your measurements and the sales guy would magically bring you the exact size. You must know it.

Waist: This is the smallest/narrowest part of your torso, somewhere in between your belly button and your boobs.

Hips: This is the widest part of your torso and may fall lower than you think. It’s typically in line with the base of your zipper.


Sizes vary according to different brands. That’s where size charts come into play. Your waist size should line up with the denim size but also make sure to look at the hip size in the chart as well.

Many brands use their custom clothing labels to write down their brand name and sizes for your convenience and better style. Custom clothing labels also increase brand impact.


Of course, quality takes priority. Make sure to look for spandex or elastane in the fabric description. Stretchier fabrics are more forgiving and thus more likely to fit better when ordering online. Look for denim/jeans with 2% spandex or elastane.

Denims are like second skin to us! Prefer jeans from quality brands.

4. Pay Attention to Design Details

Do you know certain design features and materials on a pair of jeans that can help you figure out if they’re made to last? Take copper buttons, rivets, custom zipper pullers for instance. Seeing these little guys on a pair of jeans tells you that the brand has invested in making a well-constructed product.

The world is full of fakes, don’t get fooled by fake labels and designer jeans. If you can’t find details about clothing material or the jeans’ label or website, proceed with caution.

Understand it in this way, when we buy something expensive we want to show it off. Similarly, if the company has used top quality products for manufacturing, it will be mentioned on its site.

5. Price Isn’t Everything but it speaks

Who doesn’t pray for designer jeans to become cheap or at least a small price fall? Buy two designer jeans online and live on noodles for an entire month. But cool things don’t come cheap!

Good price also tells you the fabric used, the tags, the zipper, the stitches, everything is up to the marks. But whether or not the Product is up to the mark can only be determined after you touch them. Hope you have the guts to buy that sexy pair of jeans to flaunt that sexy waist of yours.

So, the end deal is, “When you’re single and in your 20s, you throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous.” They look luxurious, feel luxurious. Buy your ultimate bias!