How to Increase Breast Size Naturally: 5 Easy Ways

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Is it possible to increase breast size naturally? This is the question we get asked a lot. And probably every woman who has a small breast triyes to seek the right answer. Now it’s time to visualize yourself in the perfect body shape you have always wanted to because your dream will come into existence once you learn how to increase breast size naturally.

When it comes to getting bigger tits some often find themselves discouraged because all they know that in order to increase breast size they have to go through painful surgery known as breast augmentation. Which can’t be anybody’s first choice.

There is nothing wrong with breast surgery as long as you are okay with the cost it takes and the pain and complications it brings with it. In breast plastic surgery the breast becomes artificial that is filled with saline and silicone. Maybe it’s the fastest way to get big breasts but it’s not that safe and fits into everyone’s budget. 

But if you are wise and concerned about your health and hard-earned money you probably want something as easy and effective as foods and exercise that increase breast size. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you today. But if you are looking for how to increase breast size in 1 week, then don’t get your hopes too much high because it’s simply not possible.

Before you get to know those magical ways to get bigger breasts, don’t you wanna know the causes of small breasts. I know you want to be the culprit behind it. 

What Causes Breasts to Stop Growing?

Small breasts are also called underdeveloped breasts. Firstly, I want to clear up if your breast is small that doesn’t really mean there is something wrong with you. It doesn’t affect your femininity and who you are because it depends on various reasons like Genetics, Weight, Body Fat, Hormonal Imbalance, smoking and Poland Syndrome, etc.

I know, you already know about the genes, weight, and fat factor, so let me tell you directly how hormones and Poland syndrome affect breast size.

Hormones called estrogen and progesterone determine the size of the breast. If the level of this hormone secretion is adequate your breast becomes rounded and healthy but if there is a deficiency, as a result, the breast stops growing and remains small. Apart from this, there is a Poland syndrome that refers to a medical condition in which an individual is born with impaired or underdeveloped chest muscles.

So now you know the possible causes of what keeps your breast growing, now it’s time to learn about how to get a bigger breast that gives you an alluring body shape.

5 Incredible Methods of How to Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home

Do you know breast size changes six-time in a life span? If your breast hasn’t grown much, there is still a chance to get a big round big breast that is a sign of women’s femininity and attractiveness.

Sit tight to get blown away because what you are going to get is too easy to be true. Because I’m on my way to remove the veil from how to increase breast size naturally in a few months.

1. Foods for Enlarged Breast

food for increasing breast size

I told you, it’s too good to be true. There are certain foods that help to increase boob size and make them rounder and alluring. And the best thing is these foods are no more special than the regular meals. It’s just slight negligence of yours towards these foods.

Either you don’t like this food or you do but the amount is less than enough for you. Don’t worry, once you get to know about these amazing foods that help you to get what you want, you will willingly include them in your diet.

The breast contains fat and if you are eating food that doesn’t fulfill the required fat your breast needs, how will your breast possibly get bigger and tight. I hope I made my point clear. In order to grow your breasts naturally, you need to include food in your diet that fills up fast in the breast.

Well, Dairy products are considered to be the best food choices for big boobs, apart from this fenugreek, flax, and fennel seeds are packed with a good amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fat, as well as nuts, enriches with omega-3 fatty acids works wonders for the perfect round breast.

2. Yoga and Exercises to Enlarge Breasts

yoga and exercise for big breasts

Where some yoga poses and vigorous exercises cause small saggy breasts, some exercises and yoga pose helps to tighten the saggy breast skin and help them to be fluffy and beautiful.

If your breasts are underdeveloped you are free to do any kind of exercise, but if it seems to lose its elasticity you need to stop certain forms of exercises like brisk walking, cardio, and Zumba. And start doing yoga poses like bhujangasana and ustrasana, gomukhasana and in exercise, you can do crunches, pushups, shoulder lifts, palm press, etc.

3.Oil Massage for Big Breasts 

oil massage for breast growth

Yes, Oil massage is an effective way for breast growth. The best thing is you don’t need to get any Ayurvedic oil from the market to do that. Because all your breasts require to grow is an abundance of fatty acids and multivitamins that can surely be fulfilled by natural oils that are usually available in your home.

Let me tell you the name of the magical oils that help in the enlargement of breasts and make them firm and beautiful. Almond oil, coconut, jojoba, olive, and castor oil are the magical oils that can get you perfect breasts. These oils are packed with a great number of vitamins and fatty acids that improve skin sagginess and elasticity that results in tightening the skin.

Moreover, These magnificent oils contain antioxidants that help to reduce stretch marks and moisturize breast skin.

4. Wear The Right Bra

Wear fit bra

Wearing the wrong bra can be the reason that breasts become saggy and small. Bra is supposed to be worn to support the weight of the breast not for just you need to wear something underneath.

Correct size bra is critical to keep breasts healthy, sometimes if your bra gets loose you may have experienced pain in your breast. Some people think it is the sign that breasts are growing but darling, it’s a sign that your breasts skin is becoming saggy and it is getting even smaller and unattractive.

If unknowingly your breast has become saggy, I recommend you to wear a sports bra of accurate size on a regular basis, and for your other dresses, you also need a bra that fits perfectly and gives proper support to your breasts.

5. Mind Your Posture

be in correct posture

Believe it or not, good posture matters a lot, it not only matters for making you look confident but also for being in good shape. So always walk in a straight posture and don’t slouch while sitting even if you feel tired, because it impacts your breasts a lot. 

Besides, Maintaing a good posture doesn’t only make firm breasts but also makes you look longer, if you want to increase your height you should check out these amazing Exercises to Increase Height.

I hope you have got the answer you were looking for, since you know how to increase breast size naturally, you are on your way to getting larger, rounder, and beautiful breasts.