How to Apply Onion Juice On Hair The Right Way for Growth

Apply Onion Juice On Hair

Onions…I know the first thing that comes to our mind after hearing this word is tears and sting, oh god that stingy smell.  But apart from being used as an essential ingredient in food and addition for your palettes it also has some benefits that can deniably enhance your hair growth. Yes, you read right- hair growth. Therefore in this article, we understand how to apply onion on hair the right way for hair growth.

Why Onion Juice?

Before we understand the application of any product it is very important to understand why a certain product is going to be effective for your skin. 

Protein that is – keratin (a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns, etc.), is known for being sulfur-rich. Sulfur if you know is very important for the fibers of your hair and reinvigorates your hair follicles. Onion also contains antibacterial juice that can fight any kind of infection. Researchers have indicated that onion juice deals with alopecia areata effectively. alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair fossil and leads to baldness. Onion juices contain antioxidants that can slow down cell damage as cell damages can cause aging, premature grey hair.

Now we know in detail how onion juice works. Let us try to understand the 7 ways of using onion juice:

1. Raw Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Chop onion and then grind it

Squeeze the juice

depending on the length of your hair take the desired amount of onion juice

Apply the juice to your scalp

Leave it to rest for 1 hour and then wash it

Use your regular shampoo and conditioner

2. Coconut Oil And Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Coconut oil has the natural antioxidants and nutrients, vitamin E, K, and iron that adds shine, softness and also removes dandruff. The combination of onion and coconut can fight several infections and dandruff.

Take 2-3 drops of coconut oil

2-3 tbsp onion juice

Mix them together

Apply this mixture on your scalp with the tips of your fingers. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes.

Wash it off your regular way

3. Onion Juice After Wash Solution

Mix your onion juice with  warm water and use it after your shampoo

4. Onion And Rum Potion

Add rum along with chopped onion into a mixer and then strain the juice.

Apply the juice to the scalp

Use your regular shampoo but along with warm water

Use his once a week

5. Yogurt And Onion Mask For Hair Growth

Yogurt is good for hair growth and rich in protein. Add onion juice to 1 cup of yogurt

Apply the solution to the scalp

Keep it for 45 minutes and finally, rinse it off well with your regular shampoo

Use this twice a week

5. Beer And Onion Hair Mask 

Beer promotes hair growth. we even have beer shampoos.

add ½ cup of beer into that bowl and add 1 onion juice to it

Apple the juice in the scalp and leave it for 2 or3 hours

Wash as usual

Use it once a week for desired results

6. Onion And Castor Oil

Castor oil comprises antibacterial and antifungal qualities that make it beneficial against dandruff, folliculitis, and scalp infections. Also, the ricinoleic acid content in it helps increase circulation to your scalp and also improves hair growth.

Mix castor oil and onion juice

Apply the mixture to the scalp

Wash it off with warm water

These were some effective ways of using onion juice. Write us down in the comment section if this article on How to apply onion juice on hair the right way for growth was helpful. Thank You


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