11 Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Ragi

health benefits of ragi

Ragi is nutrient-packed flour that is used in preparing many Indian meals. The corp of ragi also known as finger-millet in English, and generally grows in Asia and Africa. Well! Dishes made by ragi are not only delicious but healthy as well. Read on to discover the amazing health benefits of ragi.

To be healthy, our body needs essential nutrients to recover, fight disease, and get energy. Which ragi is abundant in. Let’s find out what amazing nutrients ragi offers you.

What Nutrients Does Ragi Carry?


Daily Value ( per 100 g)



Healthy Fat







Folic Acid

Vitamin C















Apart from this, ragi flour also contains amino acid that is highly essential for health and also considered as a rare plant source. Now! You understand how nutritious ragi is. Let’s move on to uncover the amazing ragi benefits for health and more.

11 Extraordinary Skin, Hair, Brain, And Health Benefits Of Ragi 

Ragi is low calories, gluten-free, nutritious, and delicious flours that offer amazing health benefits. So, let’s walk through to discover what are the health benefits of nutritious ragi you will get.

1. Solidify Bones Health 

good for bones

Due to improper nutrient intake, most people get joint and muscle pain at an early age. Lack of calcium and other minerals is essential for maintaining bone health. Which ragi flour has to offer you. If you’re suffering from intense joint pain. Start including dishes made of ragi flour in your diet. It will satiate your bone’s calcium requirements & make them strong and healthy.

2. Gluten-Free Diet 

Gluten-Free Diet 

Is ragi gluten-free or not? Unlike other whole grains, ragi flour doesn’t contain gluten. Yes! Gluten is a type of protein found in cereals like wheat, maize, and other grains. Well, gluten is good for health but it’s not easily digestible for some people. Especially for those who suffer from celiac disease, their immune system reacts to gluten and produces adverse effects. 

So, if you’re or someone you know is on a gluten-free diet, discuss the amazing health benefits of incredible ragi to encourage them to attain good health.

3. Fights Anemia

Fights Anemia

The decline of hemoglobin in blood impregnates anemia disease. Fret not! Ragi has an opportune amount of iron that helps to maintain hemoglobin levels in the blood. Moreover, after ragi sprouts, the number of nutrients also increases to support your immunity system.

4. Good In Pregnancy 

Healthy For Pregnancy 

The health benefits of ragi during pregnancy and for infants are amazing. Ragi is packed with essential nutrients. Calcium & iron are indispensable nutrients for mothers to produce milk for lactation. Mothers can get an optimal amount of these essentials for their unborn or infants.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Helps In Weight Loss

Low calories, protein, and infusion of other vitamins & minerals make ragi flour great for weight loss. It provides you energy to work out to burn fat & calories faster. Plus, it contains dietary fiber that ignites your digestive organs to work at their best to burn calories & produce energy. Apart from this, to get in shape, do a few reps of jumping squats every day. But, before you do it wrong, learn how to do it properly to get the amazing benefits of jumping squats.

6. Improve Skin Health

Improve Skin Health

Ragi benefits for skin whitening, signs of aging, and glowing skin are incredible. Ragi contains an extraordinary amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to lighten skin tone. Plus, if you talk about ragi with buttermilk benefits, it’s even more effective. Because, buttermilk is great for digestion, and contains fatty acids, and protein which helps to recover saggy skin, wrinkles, and fine lines and bestow you yonder looking healthy skin.

Besides, if you’re in search of an elixir to tighten your skin faster, along with consuming ragi, also try home remedies for skin tightening.

7. Good For Nervous System

Good For Nervous System

Ragi contains amino acid tryptophan that helps to release serotonin ( a happy hormone ) in the brain. It helps to boost memory function, improves sleep, and reduces anxiety and depression. Besides, if you want to keep your brain healthy & clutter-free, drinking a cuppa of lavender tea will do wonders. If this sounds erroneous, check out the amazing benefits of lavender tea for a healthy brain, and more.

8. Controls Diabetes 

Controls Diabetes 

Ragi flour is packed with dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and polyphenols which help to control diabetes. Plus, due to the trait of low glycemic index ( a system that assigns numbers, which carbohydrate contains food will increase how much sugar ) ragi flour doesn’t increase sugar levels, lessens the sugar craving, and keeps you satiated for longer. 

9. Healthy Food For Toddlers 

Healthy Food For Toddlers 

The Health Benefits of eating ragi porridge for babies are excellent. It contains high calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals, and protein that helps to support a toddler’s growth.

10. Good For Heart 

Keep Heart Healthy

The optimal level of magnesium present in ragi works incredibly effectively for maintaining heartbeat. Besides, it also contains high amounts of dietary fiber that lowers down the cholesterol level that is detrimental to heart health. So. enjoy healthy & tasty meals made of ragi and keep your heart healthy.

11. Reduce Hair Fall 

Reduce Hair Fall 

Being abundant in protein, and other essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ragi offers amazing benefits for hair too. Protein for hair is extremely essential for repairing damaged cells and improving hair quality. Replacing wheat flour to ragi in your meals will significantly help in reducing hair fall.  Apart from this, for maximizing the benefits, also use the best hair fall shampoo.

Conclusion: Ragi is enriched with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Therefore, we have got you acquainted with the skin, hair, and health benefits of ragi to uplift your health & wellbeing. So, go ahead to learn delicious recipes made of ragi, wow your family and friends, and help them to be healthy & vital.


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