Hair Curls Types: Figure Out Your Curl Pattern

Hair Curls Types

Luminous glossy curls! Isn’t your fondness of getting the shiny wavy curls brought you here. Maybe the huge buzz gorgeous curls are creating on Instagram wants you to be the gorgeous diva folks stop getting their gaze off. If it’s true, You are at the right place to know which hair curls types suits you the most.

Whether your hair is already in beautiful curls or you want your hair to be curly or want to flaunt with a twist out VS braid out hairstyles. This article is for you. I Just want to remind you that we are beautiful with our own uniqueness given by the universe. It’s our responsibility to take care of our gifts so that it becomes more captivating and beautiful.

Just like different skin types have their unique needs to be healthy and glowing, we have different hair types that require different products, home remedies, and tips to look shiny and beautiful. Moreover, curls are not just curls! They have different varieties on their own that make them require different hair care to look stunningly beautiful.

What type of hair curls are best?

Isn’t it what you are looking for. Well, all curl types are best, but the most important thing is how healthy your curls are and which curl type suits the best on your face shape and features. The only way to identify the best curls for you is to know their types and perks. 

Gracious! To hairstylist Andre Walke,r who made our life easier by decoding the types of hair curls that helped many women with curly hairs to get the voluminous, glossy curls that bewitch.

So, aren’t you intrigued to know how to identify your hair curls or if you want your hair to be in gorgeous curls what would be the best curls type for you. Let’s walk through with me to decode your best curls that make you bounce up and down in the air with a beautiful grin.

Different Hair Curls Types

Are you blessed with the natural spirals that look beautiful across your face? If you are? It’s time to make them even more gorgeous by learning about your hair types and embracing the perfect hairstyles, and products for your curls. Don’t fret! If your hair is straight or wavy you can learn about the type of different hair colors and find out which is the one who takes your beauty to the next level.

So let’s walk through with me and adorn yourself with hair curls that look like they have only been made for you.

1. Type 2 Curls

Now, you are probably thinking where type 1 hair curls are? Well, type 1 curls don’t come in the category of curly or wavy hair. Straight hairs or the hair that is straight, but turn itself into soft waves fall into the category of type 1 curls.

Then comes type 2 hairs that can easily be recognized by an S pattern that lies closer to the hair roots. Well, this is not a single type of wavy curl pattern, it has 3 subcategories that start from soft to round curls. Let me break it down for you.

Type 2A

Beauties with type 2A curls have fine loose curls that are slightly different from type 1. But the only difference between these hair types is that type 2 A is slightly more curly at the tips. 

If your hair is straight you can achieve a gorgeous hair pattern with a curling iron by taking small strands of hair and at last, you can just use a brush to get them apart to look natural. Or if your hair is already like this, you can just use hair-softening creams or serum to make them even stunning.

Type 2A curls

Type 2B

This beautiful curl type also has a definite S pattern that starts right from the roots to the tips and the strand of type 2B is a little bit thicker than the 2A.

The elegant type 2 B looks stunning when your hair is nourished because dryness takes over the charm of soft swirls. Try out nourishing creams or hair masks to provide the maximum nourishment to your 2 B curls and if this is not your natural hair type you make it yours by learning how to curl your hair at home.

Type 2B curl

Type 2C

Mesmerising soft springs are type 2C which we can proudly call the curls. 2C hair strands are as thin as 2A and curlier than 2B.

You can also name it Meggie curls. It’s prone to be frizzy. Take care of your angelic curls with nourishing hair creams or let your curling iron be on your hair for 2 more seconds to achieve  2c Springs.

Type 2C curls

2. Type 3 Curls

Hair type that every girl with straight hair wants to get. Type 3 curls start from the thicker curly loose strands to the fluffy voluminous bouncy loops that look absolutely flattering on every woman. That’s not all. Type 3 subcategories are waiting for us.

Type 3A

The shiny loose curls with voluminous strands look mesmerizing in different hairstyles. But taking care of these beautiful curls from humid weather is imperative. Others 3B curls get unlocked and become hard to manage. 

Type 3A curls

Type 3B

Here we have come to the category of absolute corkscrew curls that can easily be identified with their volumized density nearly the size of a coke straw. These tight-packed type 3B curls seriously need a hair spa twice a month to look shiny and gorgeous.

Type 3B curl

Type 3 C

Hair curls that are extremely voluminous and have tight springs called type 3 C. Although, there is no much difference between the color type 3B or 3C there texture is totally different. Nourish your 3C curls deeply with hair creams, serum, and spa treatment to adorn a beautiful shine on them.

Type 3 C curls

3. Type 4 Curls

Welcome! To the African curly hair also refers to oily hair. Type 4 Curls look stunning on every skin tone. However, coily hair type is a natural tight, zig-zag hair that most afro beauties have. But celebrities around the world are also endorsing coily hair by looking alluring in it. Let’s get into the details of type 4 hairs.

Type 4 A

Tight, dense springs similar to the thickness of crochet dreads, are extremely voluminous and look as flattering as blooming flowers in spring. But, the curl pattern 4A is not easy to manage when hair gets dehydrated and loses moisture. Keep your bouncy curls healthy and soft by using kinky curling creams and leave-in moisturizer.

Type 4A curls

Type 4 B

Densely tight spiral curls that bend into a Z pattern considered cool coily hair in Africa. Type 4B is so intensely dense that it doesn’t require a hairbrush for maintenance. Always use a moisturizing hair mist or curly hair creams to protect it from getting frizzy.

Type 4B curls

Type 4C

Hair Curls 4B or 4C patterns are similar to each other. You have to look closely to find out the difference. Because it is strongly zig-zagged and has even tight coil strands. It gets extremely frizzy, which makes it unappealing. This is why it requires intense nourishment that you can provide by using coconut and butter curling creams.

Type 4 C curls

Conclusion: In this article, I have decoded different hair curls types in an easy way so that you can identify your curl type to maintain their health and gorgeousness top notch. 


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