5 Most Effective Essentials Oils for Colds

Essentials Oils for Colds

Painful stings in your throat, brat runny nose and inconvenient congestion in your sinus is the sign of you’re under the weather. It obviously doesn’t feel good. But, you fret not because today we’re going to share the most amusing & effective way to curb your colds. Yes! Let’s talk about essentials oils for colds.

Yeah! You may have heard about the benefits of essential oil for cuticles, skin care, and hair. But, this time you are going to be amazed at the fact how effective essential oil helps to cure a common cold.

There has been research done on the efficecy of essential oil for curing running nose & throat pain and sinus congestion. And, the results are staggering. Because essential oil for cold diffuse is relatively helped to cure symptoms of cold which are:

  • Fight Cold Causing Bacterias
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Curb Sinus Congestion
  • Relieves Pain

Isn’t it great? This is all you need to get rid of the cold that steals your joy and gets you stuck with running nose & throat pain. Well, there are lots of essential oils for us to use. And, definitely, not all are great for reducing cold symptoms.

Worry not, if you’re here it’s our responsibility to get you acquitted with the most powerful antiviral essential oil that helps to get rid of cold & cough effectively.

So, let’s get ahead to discover the best essential oil for your cold & cough.

5 Most Powerful Essentials Oils for Colds

Cold virus is responsible for your misery. It gets in the body through your nose, eyes, and mouth and inflames the skin inside that causes sneezes, coughing, and sore throat. 

Essential oil will help to relieve the symptoms and cure colds but if you don’t want to fall into frustrating sneezes, sore throat, and pain that doesn’t let you speak, eat and live with peace.

Building your immunity is the best thing you should do. A healthy immune system kills off the bacterias as they enter your body and don’t let them spread further. 

Well, for having a healthy immune system, you have to incorporate healthy food in your diet, fall in love with moving your body with any form of exercise, and drink mosambi juice to elevate your immunity power. Yes! Mosambi juice is extremely beneficial not only for your health but as well as your skin & hair. If you find it unsound. Check out the amazing benefits of mosambi juice to be certain.

So, now you know how you can strengthen your immunity system to avoid pesky colds & coughs. It’s to learn the best way to curb cold & cough with essential oils at home. 

Read through to find out how the following essentials oils for colds will help you to get rid of cold & cough competently.

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Cold

Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Cold

Eucalyptus essential oil is proven to be helpful for reducing cold & flu symptoms. For this reason, it is widely used in products that treat sinus issues. 

A compound called cineole is present in eucalyptus essential oil that helps to cure nose congestion effectively. Besides, it’s infused with great powers of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help to kill viruses & bacterias in the nose and reduce inflammation caused by them.

2. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Cold

Tea tree oil is infused with alpha-sabline which happens to be a great antiviral compound. Besides, the outstanding ability to wipe out bacterias of tea tree oil is used for skin as well. And,  inflammatory & antifungal properties help to bring down the infection caused by viruses & bacterias.

The nourishing properties of tea tree oil. Cures the dryness inside the sinus and reduces congestion. 

3. Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil For Cold

The heavenly fragrance of lavender oil treats cold symptoms effectively unless you’re allergic to strong fragrances. It contains antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe the inflamed skin and relieve pain.

It also provides a calming effect in the sinus and knocks down sinus congestion with soothing nourishment.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint Essential Oil For Cold

One of the leading ingredients used in products is vapor rubs & other products to treat sinus congestion. It is infused with the powerful stimulant menthol that reduces nose congestion immediately and helps your breathing normalize.

Besides, peppermint is an efficacious essential oil for colds and soreness. Being infused with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and robust antioxidants makes it the perfect healing remedy to treat cold & cough.

5. Cinnamon Essential Oil 

Cinnamon Essential Oil 

The awesome ability to know down bacterias & viruses makes cinnamon essential oil is a great remedy for cold & cough. Alongside antibacterial & antimicrobial properties cinnamon, essential oil helps to relieve the pain & reduce inflammation in the sinus.

Its aggressive properties open up the sinus and keep the congestion away. If you find cinnamon essential oil causing irritation in your sinus. Decrease the no. of drops or add some carrier oil like olive & castor oil with it.

Great! You have discovered the most powerful antiviral essential oil. It’s time to step ahead to learn how you should use it.

How To Use Essential Oil For Cold

How To Use Essential Oil For Cold

Cold is caused by a tiny virus invading your sinus & through. And, you don’t have to be aggressive to kill them off. Let’s approach the easy & gentle way to reduce cold symptoms with essential oil & steam.

Yes! Through the process, you won’t only get rid of the cold but also pull off impurities from your skin by steaming your face. If you’re not sure if it’s good for your skin you must get acquainted with the amazing benefits of steaming face

I’m sure you’re gonna like the benefits. Let’s follow these tiny steps to cure your common cold with essential oil.

  1. Heat up water on the gas, or if you have a vaporizer pour some water in and let it boil a few minutes until it starts to emit vapor outside.
  2. Take a thick towel and put 10-12 drops of essentials in hot water.
  3. It’s time to get the steam to do wonders for your cold. Down your face to the hot water not so close or far. And, cover your head with a thick towel.
  4. Breath In and breathe out for 5-10 minutes.
  5. And, enjoy the relaxation & healthy skin.

Conclusion: Essential oil for cold & congestion is not hugely talked about. But, research has found the extraordinary benefits of essentials oils for colds in recent years. Therefore we have got you familiarized with the most powerful antiviral essential oil that knocks the cold down and brings relaxation to your sinus & alleviates throat pain.


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