10 Easy Working Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy Working Hairstyles For Long Hair

Morning time is precious for everyone. Whether you have a morning routine or not, time seems to slip out like sand in hand. And, long hair makes the hustle even harder. Yes! It takes time to style long hair but looking gorgeous brings confidence. What to do now? Well, We have solved your problem by putting together the top 10 easy working hairstyles for long hair ideas for you.

Sounds Interesting! Now, you don’t have to rush to your work or compromise with your look. The professional hairstyles we’re going to share are easy to make & can be made in a few minutes. 

For being even perfect in making these business casual hairstyles you can also practice it on weekends so that you can make it easier in the morning. Yes! I was horrible at making braids & I learned it through practicing on weekends to make my life easier and be able to adorn myself with different hairstyles.

So, let’s walk through to discover easy & beautiful professional hairstyles for work.

Top 10 Easy Working Hairstyles For Long Hair

The workplace is not all being decorated with stylish clothes & hairstyles. Save them for parties. And, if You want to escalate your influence at your workplace. It starts with looking professional. 

According to science, our clothes & hairstyles affect our behavior, mood, attitude, personality, and confidence. It’s called enclothed cognition. We can actually shift our identity by changing our clothes & hairstyles into professional ones and be more proficient & confident at work.

Don’t you want it? If Yes! Let’s walk through with me to discover amazing work hairstyles for medium to long hair.

1. Sleek & Twisted Ponytail

Sleek & Twisted Ponytail

Bored with boring hairstyles? Make it vibrant & beautiful by adding some twist to it. It’s pretty simple. All you gotta do is. After making your pony, take a small group of hair from the back of your pony and twist it across each other. Ta-da…! Your twisted ponytail is ready. 

2. Half Bun 

Half Bun 

Half bun looks damn professional. If you’re running late it’s the best option to get you ready to slay in a few minutes. In addition, it works best when you don’t have time for a hair wash. You can suppress your oily hair in a sleep updo, and let your middle tips hair bloom.

You can make a half bun easily by parting your hair vertically. And make a cute little bun with your upper hair partition. This hairstyle flatters on every face shape but looks phenomenally gorgeous on an oval face. If you have an oval face you should also check out these best hairstyles for an oval face.

3. Braided Pony 

Braided Pony 

Let me take you in princess time with a braided pony. It is easy, manageable, beautiful, and appropriate for a professional look. For getting this professional braided pony look. Start braiding from the top of your head and tie it where your neckline starts. You can use a scrunchie or tie your braided pony by twisting & pinning. 

4. Braided Hair Band

Braided Hair Band

A braided hairband is such a time saver. Don’t need to give a damn about hair wash when you’re getting late for work Because Front hairs are the ones that tend to become greasy. You can easily turn them up into a gorgeous braid in a few minutes. And, let your confidence shine bright by getting to the workplace at the right time.

5. Inverted Half Updo

Inverted Half Updo

The inverted half updo is the perfect easy hairstyle for long and thick hair. It seems damn hard to make but easier as you get the hang of how it is made perfectly. 

For making an inverted updo, all you need to do is to part your hair from the middle, take a front small group of hair from both sides, twist them in round inversely, and set them with the help of bobby pins. Make sure you use bobby pins that don’t visible through and keep the updo hanging up.

6. Top Knot 

Top Knot 

A top knot always looks classy whether you are getting ready for a party, office, or even chilling at home. Just tie a top knot to slay. If you have a side fringe, it looks even more gorgeous. Don’t think of any other hairstyle when you have to step outside in 2 minutes rather than a top knot. By practicing you can even make it in seconds. 

7. High Ponytail 

High Ponytail 

Ariana Grande’s top-notch high ponytail is one of the easy working hairstyles for long hair. It accentuates your features really well, and you will feel comfortable throughout the day. Besides, high ponytails look pretty on kids as well if you have a daughter or a little sister you can also look through these easy-to-make incredible hairstyles for school girls.

8. Side-Swept Braid 

Side-Swept Braid 

An easy option for those, who want a quick, professional, and flattering hairdo. For making a side-swept braid, you have to do nothing but just side part your hair, take a small group of your hair, make a neat braid of it and place it with tiny bobby pins.

9. Side Braid 

Side Braid 

Side braids are a remarkable hairstyle for both office and casuals. And, It only takes a maximum 5 minutes to make this professional side braid hairstyle. Just comb your hair, and start making a braid to put on your shoulder to flatter.

10. Twist Back Hair 

Twist Back Hair

Don’t know how to make braids yet? I didn’t know it either until last year. For now, twist back can be your true savior. It allows you to have a phenomenal hairstyle without taking much time and effort. All you have to do is, twist both sides of your hair and pin it up with tiny bobby pins and let your hair open or make a bun.

Conclusion: Professional hairstyles don’t only appropriate for the workplace but also make you feel confident. I have shared the top 10 easy working hairstyles for long hair with you. 

So, practice them until you get perfect or pick extremely easy hairstyles at first such as a high ponytail, sleek ponytail, and a top knot for getting gorgeous professional hairstyles in seconds. If you like these simple but beautiful hairstyles, share the article with your peers and friends.


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