Castor Oil For Eyes: How and Why to Use

Castor Oil For Eyes

I bet you must have heard or applied some kind of oil to your eyes as it is one of the famous tricks for a healthy eye. I used coconut oil on my eyes as they can get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles, and also provide long lashes.

But we will talk about coconut oil in some other article. Eyes are a very important and delicate part of the human body, Taking care of your eyes is very important, and one should know how to correctly use correct products as not every time we want to invest more money or more time. More expensive is always not better. In this article Castor Oil For Eyes: how and why to use, let us get to know more about castor oil.

What is Castor oil?

As usual, I will say according to the sources- it is a colorless to pale yellow oil obtained from castor beans, used as a purgative, a lubricant, and in manufacturing oil-based products.

Cold-pressed castor oil is the best type of castor oil for your eyes as it obtained without any application of heat on the seeds. It’s obtained by pressing the organic castor seeds. Castor oil is full of nutrients that can cure a lot of eye-related problems.

Castor oil contains:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fatty acid
  • Anti-inflammatory nature

What does castor oil do?

  • Reduces redness
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Helps itchy eyes/ irritated eyes
  • Soothes allergies
  • Helps In cataract treatment 
  • Removes dark circles

How to apply castor oil to your eye

  1. Buy an eyedropper and sterilize it
  2. Squeeze  in castor oil
  3. With the help of the dropper drop 1 drop of castor oil into your eyes.
  4. For the night, your vision can blurry but it will become clear in the morning

How to work castor oil on puffiness?

  1. Wash your face properly and then pat dry
  2. Take some castor oil in your palm
  3. Rub it a little bit 
  4. Apply it on your puffiness using your fingers
  5. Leave it overnight
  6. Wash your face in the morning

This was some valuable information on castor oil and its usage. I hope this article on Castor Oil For Eyes: how and why to use it helps you get rid of your eye sore- eye problems. Thank you.


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