5 Best Numbing Creams for Waxing That Works

Best Numbing Creams for Waxing

Soft, silky skin has its cost. Yeah! You get it right. I’m talking about painful waxing that takes you through dreadful pain before rooting out pesky hairs and lets the soft, silky smooth skin reign. Well! We heard you screaming for help, and put together a gift of the best numbing creams for waxing that enables you to have hair-free, smooth, and silky skin without uttering, ouch!

Numbing creams have been in the market for a long, but only a few knew about them. And, maybe we just didn’t think we needed it until we had undergone a painful experience of Brazilian waxing. Ladies! You’re powerful but that doesn’t make you deserving of that unnecessary pain that can be ceased. Right!

Before we go any further let’s understand what numbing creams exactly are and how it lessens the pain while waxing, tattooing, and tattoo removal miraculously.

What Is Numbing Cream?

In simple words, numbing creams are a medication that contains an ingredient called lidocaine that goes into the skin and numbs the nerves in a particular area to feel nothing. 

If your question is what numbing cream is used for? It is used in hospitals for performing several procedures, tattooing, and waxing to painless procedures. Now, you’re probably wondering, how long does the effect of numbing cream last? Well! The effects last a maximum of 2 hours, and it is advisable to use numbing creams in a moderate amount.

I saw your dread going away from the notion of getting your hair removed the next time. I’m pretty sure, you can’t wait to have the best cream for numbing your skin before waxing. 

Well! Before you do that, firstly, invest in the best hair wax for men and women according to your skin type. And, get rid of annoying hair by making your waxing painless using the best creams for skin numbing. 

Scroll down to choose your numbing cream that makes waxing & tattooing fun not dreadful.

5 Best Numbing Creams for Waxing That Makes Waxing Fun Not Painful

Waxing is already painful, but when it comes to waxing around sensitive parts of the body it’s horrifically excruciating. Thank god! Numbing creams exist to save you from going through that. 

So, choose your way of hair removal. Sugaring and waxing both are great. But, If you’re confused about which one will work best for your skin, read through sugaring VS Waxing, and the decision is yours. Let’s get acquainted with the best numbing creams in India or available in any part of the world you live in.

1. Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Cream

Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Cream

This numbing cream doesn’t only work best for relieving waxing or tattooing pain but is also great at numbing back pain, sores, itching, sunburns, and more. 

Lidocaine plus numbing cream contains 4% of lidocaine that is the optimal quantity approved by the FDA. Plus, infusion of aloe vera leaf extracts makes it super effective for pain, sunburn, and itching reduction. 

The cream is safe to use on all skin types, and sensitive skin as well. Because, it has aloe vera extracts and is free from other harmful chemicals, petroleum, steroid, mineral oil. Moreover, lidocaine plus starts to work as you apply it to your skin, and the numbing effect lasts for 25 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours.

2. New Numb Skin Numb Cream

New Numb Skin Numb Cream

Not only for painful waxing but get your dream tattoo and piercing painlessly using new numb skin numb cream. This one of the best numbing creams for waxing comprises 5% of lidocaine. It has a quick-absorbing formula that starts to work fast in 15 and lasts longer for 4 hours. Plus, this amazing numbing skin cream is suitable to use on sensitive areas. Even though the product is totally cruelty-free, but, for safety purposes, I suggest patch testing before applying it on sensitive areas. 

3. Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

The strength of 5% lidocaine is recommended by doctors. And, its non-oily, non-greasy, quick-absorbing, and fast-acting formula makes it worth praising. It numbs your skin for 25 minutes to 1-2 hours. Suitable or micro-needling, waxing, tattooing, piercing, and other painful processors. Moreover, it works well on every skin type or sensitive area of the body. Remember to use it right before the painful proceeding as its effects may slow down by 1-2 hours.

4. LMX4 Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

LMX4 Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

The fast effective numbing cream has soothing and anti-inflammation properties. Despite using this amazing numbing cream for minor surgical, waxing, tooting, and piercing procedures you can also use it for treating sunburn & itching. It includes 4% of lidocaine, and doctors also recommend this. The cream is safe for use on every skin type, and even on cuts. It soothes, numbs, and alleviates pain.

5. Premium Tattoo Numbing Lidocaine Cream

Premium Tattoo Numbing Lidocaine Cream

Premium tattoo numbing lidocaine cream contains 5% of lidocaine which is a fairly fine amount to numb the skin for nearly 2 hours. This numbing cream is specially formulated for tattooing but also can be used in laser treatment, piercing, and waxing. On top of that, premium tattoo numbing lidocaine cream doesn’t only make tattoos painless but also helps to heal the skin after tattooing. It contains emu oil and arnica that has been delivering staggering results in healing skin after micro-needling procedures.

Conclusion: The painful process of waxing you go through every 15 days to get softer smoother skin is full of dread. Therefore, we have shared the 5 best numbing creams for waxing that make the process fun, and more painless. It’s time to say goodbye to the torment of waxing & embrace soft, glowing, and silky skin. Besides, also help your friends make their waxing session joyous by sharing the article with them, and flaunt beautiful skin without pain.


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