Best Keratin Treatment At Home: How & Why To Use

best keratin Treatment at home

How many of you are missing your gorgeous & beautifull hair before the pandemic, the awesome downtime you used to have sitting in the saloon getting your keratin treatment waiting to flaunt with your repaired gorgeous hair. I know, during pandemics, it’s neither safe nor easy on the pocket to get exuberant keratin treatment at salons.  But, luscious hair is a necessity. How about getting the same best keratin treatment at home without spending a dime?

Seems like music to your brain! Yeah! What else can be greater than saving money and getting luxurious hair at the same time? Well, If you are someone who never had a keratin treatment but looking forward to getting it. I know, there are a lot of doubtful questions lingering in your head like: What is keratin? Is keratin treatment good for your hair? Are there any side effects of it? Don’t fret, you are going to get all your answers and have luscious hair. Besides, If you are willing to get longer hair, you must learn how to use rice water for hair.

Before we go any further to learn the incredibly easy way to get keratin treatment like a professional at home, I consider it’s important to know about keratin and its benefits for hair. Let’s get ahead.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is an insoluble protein structure that is found in hair, skin, and nails and builds their outer layer. However, Keratin is a kind of protein but it isn’t found in any consumable foods and vegetables, it is generated in the body when amino acid, biotin, and protein break down in our body and helps to strengthen & repair our skin cells, nails and hair structure.

Why Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair?

Pollutive environment, excessive use of hair styling tools and inadequate consumption of crucial vitamins and minerals are leading our hair to be more fragile than ever before, and any other individual is facing exaggerative hair problems like hair breakage & hair fall, brittle and frizzy hair. All of these hair problems are caused by a lack of nourishment in hair, but you can satiate your hair requirements by using mustard oil, if you have any doubt regarding this, head over to learn the benefits of mustard oil for hair.

Wondering, how keratin can treat all of these problems? Well, as I mentioned before keratin is a protein that is coated on another layer of hair to make it smooth, strong, and glossy. Because of pollution and healing tools, the keratin presents in the hair starts to deplete and results in dry and fragile hair.

But, through keratin treatment, we can coat our hair strands with miraculous protective keratin that restores hair damage, keep our scalp clean, remove dandruff as well as reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

Excellent! Now, you have got acquainted with the advantage of keratin treatment for hair. But, doubt is still keeping you away from ordering the best keratin kit for yourself. Don’t worry! First, clear your doubt.

Can Keratin Treatment Damage Your Hair?

No, keratin treatment won’t damage your hair unless you blow dryer and style your hair with heating tools every day. However, it’s not the keratin treatment that damages but the heat on the hairdo, hair styling iron is also a part of keratin treatment. It helps to lock keratin within the hair and it only requires to do it once in 4-5 months.

Yes, keratin treatment usually lasts for 4-5 months, if you have taken at-home service or an appointment at a salon for keratin treatment. But, don’t worry, I will share with you the best way to do it at home that lasts long.

Seems like, We have come too far and you have almost learned everything you need to know about keratin treatment. So, it’s time to take a leap to learn how to do the hair keratin treatment at home for silky, smooth, and manageable hair.

Steps for how to do the best keratin treatment at home

how to use keratin kit at home

Giving yourself natural keratin smoothing treatment without the help of any professional seems intimidating. Don’t worry, I felt the same way until I tried it. It’s more convenient than you think. The only thing you need to do is use good quality keratin treatment products & kit, and just follow the following steps correctly:

1. Shampoo

Because it’s a keratin treatment you need to wash your hair with keratin shampoo. If you have applied oil or any hair mask, make sure you remove it completely from your hair while washing. Keratin shampoo makes hair smooth and gets them ready for treatment. If your hair is straight, wash your hair 2 times, and in the case of curly hair, you can add one more wash. 

2. Air Dry

Don’t blow dry your hair after shampooing, it can make hair strand rough and hard which is not very suitable for keratin treatment. You can use a towel instead and gently & softly soak extra water from your hair until there is moisture in them.

3. Comb

Now, It’s time to detangle your moist hair with a wide-tooth comb.

4. Massage

Unlike other hair oil and other hair treatment, keratin is applied from bottom to top. Massage keratin cream in a small section of your hair in your hair strands and make sure you don’t apply it on hair that is closer to roots there must be a 2 inches gap.

5. Comb

Now, your hair strands are saturated in keratin, it’s time to comb them again with a wide-tooth comb. In the case of curly hair, do it 3-4 times to lose your curls.

6. Leave it

Now, it’s time to have some fun on Netflix, or just have a nap on the chair you are sitting in by placing your hair backside for 30 minutes, and let your hair absorb the incredible keratin for perfect health and shine.

7. Rinse

30 minutes have passed, now you can rinse your hair with cool water.

8. Blow Dry

You can also opt for air dry but if you want your hair to be straightened blow dry works best for it. and, Yes, don’t completely dry your hair, leave it a bit wet.

9. Iron

Take out your straightening machine, and divide your hair into small sections by using professional hair divider clips, and iron each small section of your hair. ( The heat helps to penetrate and lock keratin within your hair strands and keep your hair silky, smooth and glossy for longer.

10. Keep Your Hair Dry

Yes, now this time you have to keep your hair completely dry for the next 48  hours and let keratin do its wonder to your hair, Besides, you also need to be mindful to not tuck or hair back in your ears, use hair clips or tie your hair and don’t sleep on them, otherwise your hair will get into the weird shape.

11. Rinse

48 hours have passed, and your silky, smooth hair is moments aways until you wash them with keratin shampoo.

12. Take Care of Your Hair

Even, your hair has become lusciously beautiful and gorgeous, that doesn’t mean you are off the hook now. Take care of your hair. It’s important and advisable to use keratin shampoo and serum to keep damage at bay and your hair smooth and healthy.

In this article, I have shered everything you should be knowing about keratin treatment. I hope you loved reading our article and it will help you to get the best keratin treatment at home without spending a single penny.


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