5 Excellent Benefits of Mustard Oil For Hair

Benefits of mustard oil for hair
Benefits of mustard oil for hair

Mustard oil is also known as “sarso ka tel” in India. In most parts of the world, mustard oil is only used for cooking, but in India and some Asian countries, it is still used as a body moisturizer, mosquito protector, and hair oil. In this article, I’m going to share some marvelous benefits of mustard oil for hair.

I can’t stop reminiscing about my childhood when my mother used to give me a mustard oil massage every Sunday. Apparently, I used to hate mustard oil at that time. And, all I wanted to escape from my mum as she calls me for massaging hair with mustard oil.

Maybe because of my mother’s love and mustard oil massage my hair was thick, long and so beautiful at that time.

I miss those days and my hair because now I’m aware of the miraculous benefits of mustard oil and that’s why I also want you to know what wonders mustard oil can do for your hair.

So let’s walk through with me to know everything about mustard hair oil.

What is Mustard Oil?

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard plant seeds. Its pungent taste and strong smell make it distinctive enough. It’s used for various purposes like cooking, hair oil, body massage oil, etc. It is a 100% natural oil that makes it safe for use for household purposes too.

If you have never tried mustard oil as a hair oil you probably are thinking is good for your hair or not. Let me tell you.

Is Mustard Oil Good for Hair?

I know you know what my obvious answer would be? Undoubtedly yes. The reason why it’s good for your hair is, it’s affluent in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, apart from this it’s enriched with Vitamin A, B, E, and protein and all these things are something your hairs require to bloom.

Since you get to know about mustard oil and if it’s good for your hair or not. Let’s move on to mustard oil benefits for hair.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Mustard Oil For Hair

Regardless of its strong distinctive smell, mustard oil is boosted with nutrients and minerals that are considered to be advantageous for improving your hair quality as well and growing.

If you are not sure how to use mustard oil for hair, don’t worry, it’s a breeze, all you need to do is warm mustard oil in a bowl and massage it into your scalp and apply it all over your tresses, and then wash whenever you want. 

Now it’s time to walk through the amazing benefits of mustard oil for hair, so sit tight, and let’s get started with the benefits of oiling with mustard oil.

1. Condition Your Hair Deeply

deep conditioning properties
deep conditioning properties

Do you use a conditioner every time you wash your hair? If yes, it’s good for you because your hair is protected from damage. But if you don’t use conditioner regularly, don’t worry mustard oil will do it for you.

Mustard oil is boosted with fatty acids that help to moisturize hair and repair damage to an extent.  When you use a conditioner your hair seems to be moisturized and when you don’t it gets dry and fizzy.

What does it say about the effectiveness of conditioners? I’m not saying it’s for no use, but I’m just saying it conditions your hair, but not as deeply as mustard oil does. Besides, if you’re looking for other ways around for intense hair conditioning, use the best homemade conditioners made with 100% natural ingredients resting on your kitchen shelf.

2. Removes Dandruff

fights with dandruff
fights with dandruff

Yes! You got it right. Mustard oil is not only potent to fight dandruff but also defeats it. Most of the time dandruff is generated from the dry scalp for it dandruff has a superpower called fatty acids to moisturize the scalp and your tresses deeply.

Besides, mustard oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight off dandruff and suppresses it right away.

If you want to get rid of dandruff faster you can mix fenugreek seed paste and hang curd in mustard oil and massage it on your scalp, leave for 30 minutes and rinse. Surely, using mustard oil for hair dandruff and frizzy hair will give your super healthy scalp and, soft, and shiny locks

Well, curd alone is also potent to cure dandruff and provide nourishment to hair, here you can learn how to apply curd on hair for getting the maximum benefit out of it.

3. Promote Hair Growth

Stimulate Hair Growth
Stimulate Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want to regrow their lovely hair, everyone does, the good news is, you can use mustard oil for faster hair growth. Yeah, you heard it right. Let me tell you how.

Mustard oil contains vital vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals and you already know how beneficial these can be for your hair.

When you massage mustard oil on your scalp, it increases blood circulation in your scalp and absorbs oxygen and all vital nutrients that help to stimulate hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth.

Besides, if you want hair growth faster, Firstly my recommendation is to learn how to apply onion juice on hair, secondly, apply it 2-3 times a week ritualistically for preventing hair fall and promote growth.

4. Provide Deep Nourishment 

Deeply nourishes hair
Deeply nourishes hair

What would you trade for deeply nourished luscious hair? Probably not something exorbitantly expensive, but one thing for sure deep in your heart you are yearning for it. Aren’t you.

Contained with fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein is somewhat made mustard oil massage benefits extraordinary. Massaging helps to penetrate magical oil into the roots and the scalp and infuses your hair with all the nutrients your hair has been craving.

Nutrients rich hair sets themselves for continual rejuvenation, repairs damaged cells and split ends as well as you will get relief in hair fall. Well, Mustard oil’s hot massage is one of the best hair treatments that bestows clean dandruff-free scalp & gorgeous locks.

5. Treat Scalp Infections and Allergies

prevent scalp infections
prevent scalp infections

Dry, rough hair gives invitations to unwanted hair problems such as dandruff, itchy and peeling scalp, and others. Well, mustard oil benefits for hair can be seen in different ways, and treating scalp allergies and infection is one of them.

You don’t need to worry about infections and itchiness because mustard oil got what it takes to diminish all of your hair problems.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties of mustard oil: kill bacteria on the skin, and infuse your skin with nourishment so that hair problems and infections will be steered away.

Even though, you will use mustard oil for getting rid of scalp allergies, and infection. don’t forget to use a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair & dandruff to wash your hair with. Because, dryness & allergies are interconnected, and a moisturizing anti-dandruff shampoo & mustard oil is a perfect cure for that.

Now you’re fully aware of the amazing mustard oil, benefits for hair growth, dryness, frizz, and dandruff. But, the quality of mustard oil is still a supreme factor that determines the effectiveness of mustard oil.

Don’t worry! you don’t have to go anywhere to dig out the best mustard oil products for you. Because we love to make things easier for our audience. and, therefore we have put together the 5 best mustard oil for hair you should use.

5 Best Mustard Oil For Hair That Provides Maximum Benefits

1. Indus Valley Mustard Oil

Indus Valley Mustard Oil
Indus Valley Mustard Oil

The mustard oil is 100% natural and unrefined. And, work best for hair, skin, and body care. Indus valley is India’s leading herbal company that provides the best quality products for hair and skincare. Mustard oil is also used for other purposes like cooking. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean is best for your skin & hair.

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2. HillDews Black Mustard Oil

HillDews Black Mustard Oil
HillDews Black Mustard Oil

This mustard oil is derived from pure blad mustard seed. It’s completely organic and unrefined to provide your skin & hair with complete nutrients that they require to be healthy and nourished.

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3. Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil

Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil
Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil

Anvenshan wood pressed oil is chemical-free, and 100% organic. That’s what makes it incredible working for your hair. It helps to cure dryness and other problems from skin & hair. Plus, it is an edible oil you can use for cooking as well. On top of that, it’s free from preservatives, chemicals, and animal ingredients.

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4. Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil
Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil

The hair oil from the most trusted brand of India needs no introduction. This amazing hair oil from dabur is infused with the goodness of amla that helps in hair growth, cures dandruff, and smoothens the tresses.

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5. Greenwood Essential Pure Mustard Oil

Greenwood Essential Pure Mustard Oil
Greenwood Essential Pure Mustard Oil

This one from greenwood is one of the best & pure mustard oil to use for hair, skin, and massage. The oil is 100% natural, and effective for skin lightening, hair growth, and relaxing sore muscles. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper, which makes it quite easy to use for hair, body, and skin.

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Conclusion: I hope you appreciate what magnificent nutrients mustard oil wants to offer you as well as you enjoy reading our article and after knowing the amazing benefits of mustard oil for hair, you also want to embrace mustard for getting strong, healthy, and lustrous hair.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can mustard oil regrow hair?

Mustard oil contains several antioxidants, and when applied thoroughly on the scalp, it stimulates hair growth.

Is mustard oil good for dry hair?

Yes mustard oil acts excellent for dry hairs, massaging your scalp deeply can increase the blood circulation in the hairs.

Which brand mustard oil is good for hair?

These are the 5 best brand, whose mustard oil you can use : 1. Indus Valley Mustard Oil, 2. Anveshan Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil, 3. HillDews Black Mustard Oil, 4. Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil, 5. Greenwood Essential Pure Mustard Oil


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