7 Less Known Benefits Of Custard Apple

Benefits Of Custard Apple

The benefits of custard apple have been swept under the carpet for years. Even though custard apple gained extreme fame because of its delightful sweet flesh covered with a hard green shell. 

Yeah! Today, we’re going to uncover the amazing nutritious benefits custard apple offers you to have sound health & wellbeing.

In India, custard apple is also known as sitaphal, and relished by most people. The sweet creamy taste of sitaphal is infused with a plethora of nutrition. Curious! Let’s unravel what are the nutritional custard apple contained inside.

Nutritional Value of Custard Apple Per 100 grams

Let’s add some sweetness to your way to consume nutrients with custard apple. I have mentioned below all the nutrition you’re going to get with deliciousness.


Daily Value ( 100 G per serving )

Dietary FIber


Saturated Fat


Vitamin C


Vitamin B6








25.2 g

0.3 g











How easy it is to be healthy when we can get outstanding nutrients with deliciousness. Isn’t it? Alongside, if you’re in the search for some more nutritious food to add variety & fun to your diet. Incorporate sour & sweet apricots. Yes! If you aren’t aware of how healthy apricots are. Have a look at the amazing health benefits of apricots right away.

I know, the nutritional facts of custard apple blew your mind. And, trigger the curiosity to know what is the benefit of delicious custard apple for your health, skin & hair. So, let’s dive in to learn custard apple benefits with me.

Top 7 Benefits Of Custard Apple

Custard apple has a sweet delicious taste with an abundance of health benefits. You can transform your health by just adding 1 custard apple to your daily diet. 

Yes! Because you don’t get healthy by having nutritious food once or twice a week…It’s more like a ritual you need to keep sticking with to gain extraordinary benefits with ordinary but nutritious food choices. 

Well, being in good health couldn’t be easier for you. Because the deliciousness of custard apple is magnetizing that will keep attracting you to have it & infused with amazing nutritions. Along with it, you can also gain strawberry benefits for health on days when you want something different than custard apple but has to be sweet & delicious but 

So, let’s get ahead to find out what are the incredible benefits custard apple has for you.

1. Improves Eyesight

Improves Eyesight

Eyes are doomed to get weakened because of excessive exposure to blue light from TV, smartphone, laptop & other digital devices. But, it’s impossible for us to completely avoid blue light exposure. So, how do we save our vision from getting weakened?

It’s time to replenish our eyes & improve our vision by infusing ourselves with nutrients that help to do that. Riboflavin & Vitamin C are helpful for keeping our eye health in check. You can get the optimal amount of these two outstanding vitamins for keeping your eyes healthy & improving vision. 

2. Good For Bone Health 

Good For Bone Health 

Bone health is crucial to have a happy & fulfilling life. Most people suffer from joint pain in their 40’s or above. It keeps them leading a healthy lifestyle & leads to arthritis. 

Iron, magnesium, and calcium are outstanding minerals that boost bone health & relieve joint & muscle pain. Don’t dodge gaining the benefits of nutritious custard apples until you face the problem. Start having it to make your bones & muscles healthy & strong.

3. Healthy Brain 

keep brain healthy

The brain is the center of neuro & Physicochemistry. If your brain is healthy. Other problems are insignificant & easy to deal with. 

Custard apple is infused with an abundance of vitamin B that is responsible for keeping your brain calm. It also helps to alleviate the stress hormone cortisol that produces stress & anxiety and robs your peace. So, gain the benefits of the amazingness of custard apple & keep your brain shaper & mood light.

4. Reduce Weight 

helps in weight loss

Undeniably, custard apple alone can’t reduce weight but surely helps in by having the richness of protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals, and low fat & calories. 

You can add one custard apple to your diet, and if you’re willing to shake off your weight faster follow it with jumping squats. Before you do that, don’t forget the benefits of jumping squats and how to do it properly.

5.  Reduce The Chances Of Cancer 

Reduce The Chances Of Cancer 

The benefits of custard apple for cancer are undeniably great. It has got everything to fight with tumors & cancer cells. 

First, custard apples are infused with robust antioxidants that fight with free radicals & alleviate cancer cells. Second, it contains alkaloids & acetogenin is considerably helpful for alleviating the risk of cancer. Third, a high amount of flavonoids helps to fight cancer-causing cells.

6. Keep Skin Youthful & Glowing 

Keep Skin Youthful & Glowing 

Breaking down the collagen & elastin in skin cells dial down your skin’s beauty & youthfulness. But, you can still prevent your skin from the invading signs of aging, pimples, dryness & inflammation. 

Yes! Even though you’re investing in the best skin care products to have beautiful skin. Give a chance to custard apple to gain the benefits of beautiful & glowing skin. It has amazing vitamins & minerals your skin ever needs to bloom with plumpness & glow. 

Custard apples increase collagen production in the skin to boost cell reproduction. But, make sure you stave off dead skin cells to bring beautiful glowing skin to the surface. However, different skin types need different exfoliating products & find out your own suitable way of how to exfoliate the skin at home to achieve clear & healthy skin.

7. Keeps You Invigorated 

Keeps You Invigorated 

If fatigue is something that keeps you away from doing what you love or make progress in your professional & personal life. You got to do something about it. 

Well, it mostly happens when our body doesn’t get enough nutrients to release energy. You can have the energy & robustness you need to perform at your best by having custard apples. Or, during the day or any time if you feel drained you can invigorate yourself with 1 glass of mosambi juice. Yes! It will fill you up with freshness & energy if you have any doubt check out the amazing benefits of mosambi juice

Conclusion: Custard apple is not only delicious & sweet but also infused with abundant nutrients. And, now you’re aware of the incredible health benefits of custard apple. So, set out to make your diet chart & include custard apple with other nutritious foods, veggies & beverages to be healthy, fit & robust.


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