Top 5 Beauty Tips For Protecting Your Face From Harmful Colours of Holi

5 Beauty tips for Protecting your Face from Harmful Colours of Holi

Who doesn’t wait for the vibrantly colorful Holi festival? It reminds us of good over evil. On this auspicious occasion, all family members and friends gather up with their natural Holi colors (which is not actually natural at all), sweets, and love. Well, Holi is all about having joy and fun with natural colors and sprinkle your love to your close one while having remembered the beautiful lesson it is celebrated for.

If you will ask anyone “ How Holi supposed to be celebrated their answer would be like. it should be played with natural flower colors, and we shouldn’t waste water it’s precious. This is exactly how Holi should be played. But the realistic scenario of Holi is totally different. I’m not saying all people are like this. Some people really prefer to play Holi with natural color. Their action totally matches with their words. And I look up to them.

It’s true that people are inclining towards natural color as they are getting aware of how harmful synthetic colors for their skin really are. But trust me there will always be someone who could bamboozle you by adding artificial harmful colors in their natural one. So If you want to protect your skin from the damage that harmful color can do to you. You need to prepare your skin before you enter the vibrantly joyous playground.

I hope that you can resonate with the story I illustrated to make you understand. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to go. But we can always be prepared our best to deal with the situation.

So this year play Holi exuberantly with your beloved without worrying about skin damage. The amazing skin protection and caring tips you are about to learn will help you to take the biggest concern of your beautiful skin. And you will be having fun on this Holi like never before.

So this year play Holi exuberantly with your beloved without worrying about skin damage. The amazing skin protection and caring tips you are about to learn will help you to take the biggest concern of your beautiful skin. And you will be having fun on this Holi like never before.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Protecting your Face from Harmful Colours of Holi

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Holi as long as it doesn’t harm our skin and eyes. Truthfully Holi is an auspicious festival that is meant to be celebrated with happiness and natural flower colors. But since artificial strong colors took their place in natural colors it becomes a huge concern for skin and eyes.

Artificial colors contain many harmful chemicals like lead oxide, copper sulfate, aluminum bromide, mercury sulfide, and so on. These chemicals lead to severe skin infections and damage and to the extent. moreover can even cause skin cancer.

But the good news is you can protect your gorgeous skin and reduce the effects of these harmful chemicals. So let’s be prepared to have a ball with proper skin protection.

1. Wear a skin protective layer

In order to enjoy Holi without being anxious about your skin damage. You need to prepare your skin to be less vulnerable to these harmful Holi colors. I called this wear a damage protective layer. Let me introduce you to some effective protective layers you can wear.

  • Oil: This is one of the best ways I know and used to protect skin from harmful chemicals present in unnatural colors. The oil keeps colors penetrate into the skin. It works as a thick greasy protective layer. Sunflower, coconut, and oil work wonderfully to protect your skin.
  • Glycerine: If you are not comfortable applying oil on your face. you can undoubtedly opt for glycerine. It has a thick greasy texture that will preserve your skin. 
  • Vaseline: Don’t worry I won’t ask you to use vaseline on your face. It’s for your lips protection. 
  • Sunscreen: You probably won’t play Holi indoors. If you do your mum will be there to beat you up. So protection from chemicals is not enough. You need to protect your skin from the sun as well. So don’t forget to wear a waterproof sunscreen with at least 30 Spf.

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2. Wear sunglasses

Sunglass will not only make you look charismatic but also protect your eyes. I know, You already know how precious and delicate your eyes are and what harm they can get from chemical contaminated colors.

3. Things that need to be avoided for skin protection:

Sometimes things you shouldn’t do can be more powerful than the things you should do. On Holi Some little mistakes we do inadvertently that damage our skin. And  I want to address those things so can you get the maximum protection.        

  • Don’t wash your face repeatedly: We tend to think washing the face repeatedly will wash off chemicals from the skin. But it doesn’t work this way. Infect washing your face with soap or cleansers will strip away the moisture from your skin and make it more vulnerable to chemicals.
  • Don’t scrub your face harshly: It won’t be wrong if I say this the perfect epitome of self-infliction. Be gentle with the skin there are other ways to get the color without damaging your skin.

4. Get off-color with ease

You are going to be blown away by the method I’m sharing with you. You don’t need to scrub your skin in order to get rid of the color. It’s a two-step process. If color gets off by the first step you don’t need to do the second one.

  • Oil Massage for 5 minutes and leave it for 30 minutes: After bathing if the color hasn’t got off. Massage your face with coconut or olive oil for 5 minutes in a circular motion. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and after that wash your face. Oil will penetrate in skin pores and help to remove clingy color particles. 
  • Gram flour face mask: Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour, add 1 tablespoon of rose water. Make a paste of it and apply it on the face as a mask for 15-20 minutes. Remove it when it gets dry. It will absorb all contaminated color particles in itself. Isn’t it the best way to get rid of stubborn Holi color with ease?

5. Tips to restore skin health

Even after extensive protection your skin can get damaged or lose its moisture so it’s important to restore that skin vitality with proper skincare. It’s easy to do and highly important for your skin.

  • Moisturization: Playing Holi with contaminated colors in harmful sun rays from extensive hours can. Dehydrate and moisturize your skin. So even if you successfully get off your Holi color. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin well.
  • Coconut Oil massage: Coconut oil is enriched with saturated fat and vitamin E. It provides deep nourishment to the skin and improves skin collagen and elasticity. So why not make skin glowing with the goodness of coconut oil.
  • Face Steam: Steaming helps to deep clean the skin by getting into it and removing toxic dirt particles. So it can also help you to get rid of remaining contaminated color parts from the skin. And it makes your skin smooth like a feather.

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I hope you would use these tips and protect your skin from harmful harsh contaminated colors and enjoy Holi without worrying about your skin at all.