5 Best Holographic Nail Polishes of 2021


Looking to decorate your nails with shiny rainbow colors that give you a 3D effect? Then holographic nail polishes must be the product which you are looking for. It comes up as a bottle with a brush applicator, the same as the normal nail polish, but the effects and beauty it gives to the nails are totally different.

Simple nail polishes give your nails a lustrous effect which also looks good. But just good doesn’t work sometimes, isn’t it?

Many people want their nails to be reflected innovatively stylish, and that’s what holographic nail polish is all about. Holographic nail polish gives your nails a 3D effect. Girls who love dramatic nails, sophisticated appearance, rainbow reflections, galaxy reflections, and bright colors, will love our compiled list. 

5 Best Holographic Nail Polishes of 2021

Presenting here the top 5 Holographic nail polishes which perfectly suit your choice if dramatic and bright rainbow reflection over nails is what you are looking for. You will be having here diverse options, choose any of these for your upcoming nail styling routine.

1. Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish – Subculture

Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish

For an amazing rainbow effect, put the 2 coats of nail polish. It is stated as 100% non-poisonous, vegan, and animal cruelty-free. This is a handmade product, so no harm can be expected. 

The list of ingredients is – butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, adipic acid, acetyl tributyl citrate, isopropyl alcohol, acrylates copolymer, N-Butyl alcohol, styrene, silica, etc.

Before applying, you need to shake the bottle first. For an amazing effect and appearance, first, apply the base coat, then 2-3 more thin coats for perfect finishing.

Cost – $14.

2. Freeorr 6 Colors Holographic Chameleon Nail Polish Set

Freeorr 6 Colors Holographic Chameleon Nail Polish Set

Along with giving you a beautiful laser effect and excellence in terms of quality. This is a set of 6 amazing varieties of colors, so you don’t need to look again and again at the shopping stores for buying the nail polish that suits your occasion. The 6 amazing colors are enough to provide your nail the lustrous effect according to your preferred dress and styling every time.

Buying this Freeorr Holographic Chameleon nail polish set means you now have to keep the habit of watching your glossy, shiny, and colorful nails every time. This nail polish is an easy to apply and long-lasting formula, you can use it freely without any risk of its damage.

Also, an environmentally-friendly product and easy to carry, as it’s a set of 6 nail polishes of vivid colors, so you can pick any of the colors of your choice and take it to your occasion and steal everyone’s heart with your glossy and shiny nails, and everyone will tend to ask from you the same question – “where did you get this nail polish from?”

Apply 3-4 coats for a more perfect appearance. One of the major tips to consider is to keep the nail polish at a distance with eyes and children.

Cost – $16.

3. Born Pretty Nail Polish Set

Born Pretty Nail Polish Set

This is a set of 3 fascinating colors – purple rose red, and green. The light exposure makes each color reflect stunningly. The purple shade transforms into blue, red, and a copper shade with the appearance of beautiful holographic glitters.

The rose redshifts into reddish copper, to gold, and to green. The green color nail polish shifts into blue, and purple. If you are a picky type of person, then buying this Born pretty nail polish Set can give you the ultimate satisfaction through its variety of color effects.

Also enables you to create great effects on your nails with its easy-to-apply formula.

Applying a black base is not required in the Galaxy Chameleon nail polish, just a single coat is enough for a perfect finish. This is a non-toxic product, all the polishes are tested before putting them on sale.

Cost – $16.

4. ILNP Birthday Suit – Cashmere Pink Holographic Nail Polish

ILNP Birthday Suit - Cashmere Pink Holographic Nail Polish

Looking for some light and sophisticated design of nails, then nothing is perfect than the ILNP Birthday Suit Cashmere pink holographic nail polish, which gives glittery effects in the sun exposure. It is both easy to wear and easy to remove.

There is also an easy to return policy if you don’t like the product shade or its effects. You can either exchange it or return it free of charge. The product is environment-friendly and non-toxic and has never been tested on animals. It is one of the best nail polish for fair skin tone.

In short, a perfect choice to give your nails, a glossy, smooth, and beautiful finish.

Cost – $10.

5. ILNP Mega – 100% Pure Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

ILNP Mega - 100% Pure Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

Packed with high-quality holographic pigment. Do something creative with your nails by applying this Mega nail polish and see the magic in the sun exposure. A glimpse of the rainbow will be clearly visible on your nails. A base coat is not required, this nail polish is opaque.

Its long-lasting and smooth property enables your nails to get a glossy and smooth finish. Removing is easier with the ILNP nail polish, any nail polish remover which you use for removing your normal nail polish is good to go with.

Also, a great choice for gifting your friends who also are keeners for glossy nails. It comes up in a tray holder and wrapped in colorful tissue paper, this amazing presentation makes it a perfect pick to gift your friends.

This holographic nail polish is environment-friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic, vegan, and safe to use.

Cost – $10.


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